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Candidate responses 2010 elections: Wagner, Hoeffel, Onorato, Sestak

February 26, 2010

Senate race:

Click here for Sestak_Responses

Specter’s campaign said they would be sending a response, so we consider that a request for endorsement.  Responses will be posted if we get them today. Update: a response came in on March 2 (4 days after the deadline, after the final reminder, and after the other responses were available online).  They also lack a statement saying that the Senator stands behind the answers. With those caveats, click here to see the SpecterResponses.

Click here for Wagner_Responses

Click here for Onorato_Responses

Click here for Hoeffel_Responses

To vote: if you have been to two DFP meetups and/or DFP sponsored events since Feb. 2009, and if you do not intend to vote in person at Tazza d’Oro on March 3, please do the following.

1. print out DFP Endorsement Ballot 2010.

2. vote.

3. place the ballot in a BLANK, white envelope.

4. place the blank envelope in a second envelope.  Address that envelope c/o Joy Sabl, 7008 Willard St, Pittsburgh PA 15208-2841.  Also sign your name across the flap of the outside envelope. If you’d like to tape, glue, put a fingerprint over, or otherwise tamper-proof the outside envelope, feel free.

5. send it ASAP.  If you are housebound or if it’s getting late to mail it, call for pickup: 412…208…4913.

On Wed. March 3, Meetup attendees will examine the outer envelopes.  One person will open the outer envelopes in a bag, and hand off the inner envelopes.  Another person will open the inner envelopes and hand off the ballots for tallying.  Results will be reported as “endorsed” (at least 70% support) or “no endorsement.”  Some members have expressed fears of “hard feelings” or “retribution.” Therefore, unanimous votes, if any, will not be announced as such.


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