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Candidate responses and endorsement ballot, 2011 election

March 21, 2011

Responses are still showing up. Any that come in after others have been posted will be tagged with that information; the reader can then judge how much any of the late posts may have been influenced by reading earlier posts.  If there’s no link, there’s no response yet.

City Council District 1

City Council District 3

City Council distict 5 (no incumbent/”Shields seat”)

City Council distict 7

  • Ceoffe
  • Calfo (update: did not file, please don’t vote to endorse him)
  • Dowd (Incumbent) Dowd_2011_DFP

City Council distict 9

  • Prater-Holliday (meetup attendee / member) PraterHolliday_2011_DFP
  • Burgess (Incumbent)
  • Copeland-Mitchell (made contact, responses not yet received)

County Executive

County Controller

Commonwealth Court

Common Pleas

District Judge 5-2-35

Some people on this list may have withdrawn, or be withdrawing. Updates will be made after the withdrawal deadine.  Candidates in uncontested seats (no primary contest) are not listed, unless they send in a response.

If you are aware of additional candidates who’d like to participate whose responses are not up here, or candidates who are not listed, please contact JFSABL “at” gmail “dot” com . I also hope to have time to add links to candidate web pages by 3/26/11, and also to endorsement materials from other organizations.

Ballot and voting instructions

Here is the endorsement ballot, including voting instructions. Two formats, same content. Voting Instructions and ballot DFP 2011.pdf and  Voting Instructions and ballot DFP 2011.doc

There are three ways to vote.

a) classic secret ballot.  Print out a ballot.  Vote.  Do not include any identifying marks on the ballot.  Seal the ballot in an unmarked envelope. Next, put that unmarked envelope in another, larger envelope. Send it to DFP c/o Sabl, 7008 Willard st. Pittsburgh PA 15208.  Make sure to include your SIGNATURE overlapping the flap of this outer envelope.  Make sure it is postmarked by Monday April 11, 2011.

b) for those who say “I don’t care who knows how I voted, make this painless”: you can e-mail your choices to me at, right in the text of the e-mail.  Your e-mail will be printed out, showing your name and e-mail address, for verification of identity.  Then the voting portion will be ripped lose and added to the tally.

c) show up at the mini-meetup which both precedes and follows MoveOn meetup, usual location, noting the unusual date: April 14, not April 21.  The ballots will be tallied there, and that is the absolute last moment to vote.

Candidate responses 2010 elections: Wagner, Hoeffel, Onorato, Sestak

February 26, 2010

Senate race:

Click here for Sestak_Responses

Specter’s campaign said they would be sending a response, so we consider that a request for endorsement.  Responses will be posted if we get them today. Update: a response came in on March 2 (4 days after the deadline, after the final reminder, and after the other responses were available online).  They also lack a statement saying that the Senator stands behind the answers. With those caveats, click here to see the SpecterResponses.

Click here for Wagner_Responses

Click here for Onorato_Responses

Click here for Hoeffel_Responses

To vote: if you have been to two DFP meetups and/or DFP sponsored events since Feb. 2009, and if you do not intend to vote in person at Tazza d’Oro on March 3, please do the following.

1. print out DFP Endorsement Ballot 2010.

2. vote.

3. place the ballot in a BLANK, white envelope.

4. place the blank envelope in a second envelope.  Address that envelope c/o Joy Sabl, 7008 Willard St, Pittsburgh PA 15208-2841.  Also sign your name across the flap of the outside envelope. If you’d like to tape, glue, put a fingerprint over, or otherwise tamper-proof the outside envelope, feel free.

5. send it ASAP.  If you are housebound or if it’s getting late to mail it, call for pickup: 412…208…4913.

On Wed. March 3, Meetup attendees will examine the outer envelopes.  One person will open the outer envelopes in a bag, and hand off the inner envelopes.  Another person will open the inner envelopes and hand off the ballots for tallying.  Results will be reported as “endorsed” (at least 70% support) or “no endorsement.”  Some members have expressed fears of “hard feelings” or “retribution.” Therefore, unanimous votes, if any, will not be announced as such.


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