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Endorsements 2011 (press release)

April 15, 2011

Democracy for Pittsburgh

Contact: Joy F. Sabl, Meeting Host

(jfsabl”at” gmail “dot” com)


April 15, 2011

Pittsburgh, Pa.–The participating members of Pittsburgh’s Democracy for America chapter, Democracy for Pittsburgh (DFP) just endorsed the following candidates at our April 14th meeting:

  • Darlene Harris, City Council District 1
  • Bruce Kraus, City Council District 3
  • Chris Zurawsky, City Council District 5
  • Lucille Prater-Holliday, Council District 9
  • Rich Fitzgerald, County Executive
  • Alex Bicket, Allegheny Co. Court of Common Pleas

The “do not endorse in this race” option did not win for any seat, though in several races, no one candidate reached the 70% threshold for endorsement.

As always, DFP endorsements require a supermajority vote (≥70%) and allow for ranked voting.  Nonendorsement may imply an absence of good candidates (“do not endorse” is a voting option) or multiple good candidates who split the vote. We do this because we hope that the vast majority of our membership can feel comfortable working for any and all of our endorsed candidates.

Endorsement questions are written / revised in open meetings. Our goal is to learn something about how the candidate thinks, and how they approach a problem when there is no pre-formulated “right answer.”  We reason that in real life, single, simple “right answers” are rare. If you would like to participate, please come join us!

Meeting reminders are posted at and occur monthly, almost always on the third Thursday of every month.

Note that candidates are welcome to submit answers at any point, if they would like to have their responses available on our website.

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