Democracy for Pittsburgh endorsements, 2012 (press release)


===For immediate release===

April 10 (Pittsburgh)

The candidates responded, the members of DFP have voted. Our endorsed candidates are:

Eugene DePasquale for PA Auditor General


Erin Molchany for State Representative (PA General Assembly, district 22)

How do these candidates differ from others who garnered significant support, but not quite the 70% support required for DFP endorsement?  A key commonality springs to mind.  The two candidates share strong progressive tendencies, but they also share something more essential: a deep-seated commitment towards doing right by all citizens of PA, in a way that transcends ideology.

One presumes that every human being has occasional negative moments or a fleeting uncharitable thought. But these two candidates seem as immune to negative sentiment and divisiveness as it’s possible to be while living a life of deeply-felt convictions.  In the public sphere or the nonprofit world, each has made a habit of listening well to, and working respectfully with all who are willing to reciprocate.  In politics, even the very best too often allow themselves to “go negative.”  We not only hope but expect that both of our endorsees will continue to emphasize their strong backgrounds, their problem solving skills, their energy and their commitment–not the flaws (perceived, manufactured, or all-too-real) of their opponents.

We suggest that these are candidates anyone could proudly support, and we invite others to join us in doing so.



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