DFP endorses “Move to Amend”


Multiple members having expressed support at our main communications tool, the DFP yahoo group, and nobody speaking against, the group is now an official supporter of the “move to amend” campaign. The single goal of this campaign is to reduce or remove the presumption of “personhood” for corporations.  Until ~ 120 years ago, corporations did just fine in the US without having the privacy or free speech rights of individuals.  In much of the world, corporations have no such rights, but manage to go about their business…without directly warping the political process.

We encourage anyone who reads this to go to the Move to Amend page, and sign on as an individual supporter.

To quote from Move to Amend:

There are two conceptions of corporate personhood. The first simply bestows upon corporations the ability to engage in many legal actions (e.g. enter into contracts, sue, be sued, etc). This is widely accepted and we do not object to this.

However, corporate personhood also commonly refers to the Supreme Court – created precedent of corporations enjoying constitutional rights that were intended solely for human beings. We believe this form of corporate personhood corrupts our Constitution and must be corrected by amending the Constitution.


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