Ricky’s Redskins!


Last Monday’s Steelers-Eagles game marked the debut of Ricky’s Redskins.

Fans from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and everywhere in between agree on one thing: Pennsylvania deserves to have two U.S. Senators representing our state in Washington D.C. as well. So until Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Va.) is replaced by a true Pennsylvanian in November, 2006, there’ll be a new team in town.

Ricky’s Redskins let Pennsylvanians attending the Steelers-Eagles game know that Rick Santorum doesn’t represent them, let Santorum know that his days in the Senate are numbered, and let Virginians know that until we get two Senators of our own, we’re claiming their football team!

Singing “Home, Home in VA” (to the tune of “Home, Home on the Range”).

It was hard to get a picture without passersby (though we managed this one)…

…because EVERYONE wants to see the Steelers play. (GO STEELERS!)

But the curiosity factor got the better of them and we were able to pass out hundreds of flyers and those who let us know that they agreed with our message outnumbered those who said they loved santorum

(All Photographs by Maria Lupinacci)

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  1. Jerri Says:

    WOW. Left pgh 5 years ago. Now live outside of chicago. Boy I miss pgh. I cannot believe the pictures. Little Ricky, I hate the man. Best of luck getting that jerk out of the senate.

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