Hitting A Nerve


Apparently our group of concerned citizens hit a nerve with the powers that be. The Tribune-Review was contacted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee who tried to make the claim that we were purveyors of porn:

National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brian Nick chastised Democracy for Pittsburgh for allowing solicitations for adult Web sites to appear for weeks in the comments section of its online discussion board.

Maria Lupinacci said Democracy for Pittsburgh was a victim of “commercial spam” for online gaming and adult sites. The messages were taken off as soon as they were spotted, she said.

Myles Weissleder, a spokesman for Meetup.com, an Internet company that runs online forums, including one used by Democracy for Pittsburgh, said “comment spam” is prevalent among online discussion groups. Requiring users to register for the site usually reduces the solicitations, he said.

Now, the Trib got that a bit wrong. The National Republican Senatorial Committee was referring to this blog, not the meetup.com site with this ridiculous charge. As some of you may have noticed, occasionally a spammed message shows up in the comment section of a post here. They will often spam posts that are months old. They repeatedly do this so as you take one down, more mushroom up.

The good thing is that anyone with an email address knows what spam is and how prevalent it has become.

Can we say that this “charge” is OVERREACHING by a mile in attempting to discredit this organization?

I think we can!


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