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Fresh Horses

January 23, 2005
A Daily Kos diary recounts a recent breakfast meeting of the California Democratic Club. It was attended by several DNC representatives who will later vote for the new chairman of the DNC. A full hour of the meeting was devoted to 90-second speeches by regular folks in support of their candidate for DNC chair.

According to the piece:

“100% — every single one — of the endorsements from the folks who came out to Sacramento at their own expense and effort, just to speak for 90 seconds to the decision makers, went to Howard Dean.”

One of the endorsements summed it up particularly well:

“Some of you in the DNC may see us as barbarians at the gate. Some of us see ourselves as the cavalry. The truth is, we are fresh horses.”

Full story HERE


January 20, 2005

Nevermind. Peduto is not out.

Site Updates

January 19, 2005

I have made several small updates to the site.

  • Cleaned up the blog links on the right hand side. Added Draft Bill, Scooter Blue, and Santorum Cybergate. Removed a few dead or irrelevant blogs. The list is somewhat arbitrary; if you would like to recommend a link, add a comment to this post.
  • Added more wiki links to the left hand side of the page.
  • Updated the wiki:[Election 2005] and wiki:[Mayoral Primary Candidates] wiki pages.
  • Added a Bylaws page for keeping track of the bylaws drafting process.

Lamb for Mayor on the Internet

January 19, 2005

Michael Lamb’s campaign has a website. It does not contain a blog, but it does link to a meetup group.

There is another Lamb for Mayor meetup group which was created by somebody else. The difference? The “unofficial” Lamb meetup is under the topic “Democratic Party”. The officially linked-to meetup group is under the topic “Politics”.

It may sound like a trivial difference, but the “Politics” topic is not what it seems. According to, it is for “players of the board game, Politics, The American Government in Action!”

UPDATE: Mark says Peduto is out.

InAugural (and two more)

January 17, 2005

Thursday is the inaugural of a progressive coalition of Pittsburghers who are motivated to take back their city, take back their state, and take back their country! Among those represented will be Everybody VOTE, Pennsylvania Hip Hop Political Convention, Allegheny County Election Protection Coalition, Democracy For America Pittsburgh, MoveOn Pittsburgh, GroundZero Action Network, and Pittsburgh League of Pissed Off Voters.

DATE: Thursday, January 20, 2005
TIME: 7 – 9pm
PLACE: Church Brew Works, 3525 Liberty Avenue, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA

Limited space is available so you must RSVP for InAugural.


TUESDAY: Drinking Liberally, 7pm, Finnegan’s Wake

WEDNESDAY: Pittsburgh Blogfest 2, 5:30pm, also at Finnegan’s Wake

Uncontested Primary?

January 17, 2005

James O’Toole reports the unsurprising fact that Santorum’s senate seat will be highly contested in 2006. What caught my eye was this comment by T. J. Rooney, the state party chair:

Rooney has said, however, that it is in his party’s interest to avoid a primary in anticipation of a costly challenge to Santorum and he and other party power brokers are certain to do all they can to find a consensus candidate rather than see a challenger emerge through an expensive primary.

I disagree. Primary campaigns get your candidates in the newspapers and give you plenty of time to get your message out ahead of your opponent. They let Democratic voters know their options and feel more comfortable with the nominee. For this race especially, I don’t think either candidate will be in want of money.

If you want to be cynical about it, even a nominal primary opponent to run against your hand-picked candidate would be better than no primary at all.

Howard Dean Announces Candidacy for DNC Chairmanship

January 11, 2005

Posted by Howard Dean on Blog for America today :

“As I have traveled across our country, I have talked to thousands of people who are working for change in their own communities about the power of politics to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. Every group I have spoken to, I encouraged them to stand up for what they believe and to get involved in the electoral process—because the only sure way to make difference is to step up and run for office yourself.

Today, I’m announcing my candidacy for the Chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.

The Democratic Party needs a vibrant, forward-thinking, long-term presence in every single state and we must be willing to contest every race at every level. We will only win when we show up and fight for the issues important to all of us.

Another integral part of our strategy must be cultivating the party’s grassroots. Our long term success depends on all of us taking an active role in our party and in the political process, by volunteering, going door to door and taking the Democratic message into every community, and by organizing at the local level. After all, new ideas and new leaders don’t come from consultants; they come from communities.


Peduto, Lamb, Rauterkus

January 7, 2005

If you attended Wednesday night’s meetup, you got to listen to Bill Peduto, Mike Lamb, and Mark Rauterkus. What did you think? Does anything stand out? Were you surprised?

Manifesto Removed

January 7, 2005

The manifesto I linked to yesterday has disappeared from the 3 Rivers Infidel blog.

I was talking to somebody today who had just discovered my “involvement” in politics and immediately brought up the “Pittsburgh-is-a-mess-because-of-one-party-rule” line. He at least had the decency to say that it wasn’t a problem specific to the Democrats, but that any single party would have failed in similar ways.

I don’t think it’s entirely wrong, but it is really shallow thinking. What does Pittsburgh need? “Pittsburgh needs not-one-party.” Let’s talk policy, people!

Santorum in town on Tuesday

January 7, 2005

Our Junior Senator will be kicking off a lecture series at Saint Paul Seminary on Tuesday:

Sen. Santorum will discuss how faithful citizenship calls Catholics to see civic and political responsibilities through the eyes of faith and to bring our moral convictions to public life. People of good will and sound faith can disagree about specific applications of Catholic principles. However, Catholics in public life have a particular responsibility to bring together consistently their faith, moral principles and public responsibilities.

Out of respect for the Diocese of Pittsburgh I would not advocate doing anything disruptive, but if there is an opportunity for Q&A it might be nice to ask Santorum why the Republicans aren’t doing anything to outlaw no-fault divorce. You know, to protect the sanctity of marriage.


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