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October 30, 2004

Please try to participate in at least one of these events!


Get Out the Vote Super Rally
Saturday, October 30th, 10 – 11AM
The Empire (formerly Metropol)
1630 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Join hundreds of MoveOn volunteers; Leo Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers; Councilman Sala Udin; and musical guests in kicking off the final 72 hours before Election Day. As soon as the rally ends, we’ll go door-to-door in neighborhoods across the region to get out the vote to beat Bush. Tickets are FREE but must be reserved in advance, please download them at If you have any questions, please e-mail

Rally for Hope
Saturday, 10/30, 1pm
East Liberty – Corner of Penn and Highland
Special Guests including:
Former Sec. Transportation – Rodney Slater
Steelers legend – Franco Harris
Musical Guest – Doug E. Fresh
Let us know you can come:

GLBT Get Out the Vote Rally
Saturday, October 30, 2004. 1:30PM – 3PM
Outside A Pleasant Present (2301 Murray Ave, Squirrel Hill).
Special guests: Michelle Clunie (Melanie) and Scott Lowell (Ted) from Queer as Folk. Come to this rally as we energize the GLBT community to vote for John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Hoeffel, Jim Eisenhower and other progressive Democratic candidates the weekend before the election


Huge Steelers Visibility Event
Sunday, 10/31, 12:30 PM
Meet at 225 Ross St. Free Parking in the gravel lot at the corner of 2nd and Ross St.
We will have shuttles to take people over to key sites outside of the steeler Game.
One last chance to show Pittsburgh that Steeler Country is Kerry Country

Let us know you can come:


Breakfast with Barney Frank
November 1, 2004. 8AM
207 Bailey Ave, Mt Washington.
Special Guest: Congressman Barney Frank. Come here the words of wisdom from the GLBT community’s elder statesman on the morning before the election.

Be Prepared

October 26, 2004

There is important information on the County Elections Division website regarding approved forms of identification (necessary if you are a new voter in your precinct), provisional ballots, and how to file a complaint.

The Allegheny County Elections Division telephone number is 412-350-4500.

Memorize that number. Give that number to anybody who (1) wants to verify they are registered to vote and/or (2) wants to find out where their polling place is.




(And call early, they are going to be swamped.)

City versus Suburbs

October 24, 2004

Post-Gazette: “Suburban Republicans do their best to kill city

Tribune-Review: “Officials hold city’s feet to fire


Turzai has poor quality copy of the 18-page letter on his website.

General Wesley Clarke Luncheon

October 20, 2004

Please remember that funds raised will stay in Pa to coordinate the get out the vote campaign for all Dems and to litigate the many disputed voter cases that will arise if this election is close. They also said they’d have a photographer there to take pictures with the Gen.

General Wesley Clarke Luncheon

Please join Honorary Chairs:
The Honorable Jack Murtha
The Honorable Mike Doyle
The Honorable Allen Kukovich
The Honorable Bill DeWeese

Pennsylvania Victory ’04 cordially invites you to attend a luncheon with very special guest General Wesley L. Clark in support of Kerry/Edwards and the PA Democratic Ticket.

Thursday October 21st from 11:30-1:00

The Omni William Penn
Monongahela Room, 17th Floor
530 William Penn Place

Sponsors: $500
Friends: $250

RSVP to Michelle Singer at or at 215-789-3689.

Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Your contribution may be used in connection with federal elections and is subject to the limitations and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act. For the purposes of Federal contribution limits, the entire amount of your donation will be considered a contribution to the State Democratic Party.

Paid for by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.


October 20, 2004

15 volunteers are needed this morning to help set up the site. Please come to the stage at the CMU rally site (The Mall at CMU, next to Hamerschlag Hall, off of Frew Street) at 9:00am. Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

There will be a bus running between 225 Ross Street and the rally site at CMU from 2:00pm to 8:00pm. There will also be a bus running from the Sheraton Inn Station Square to and from the rally in the afternoon.

We still need 30 volunteers to help us manage the rally today. If you are able to volunteer but did not attend the training session yesterday (and are able to be on your feet from 2:00 to 7:30 pm), please show up at the volunteer check-in point by the flag pole at 2:00 pm. Note: if more volunteers than we need show up, they will be admitted to the general admission section at 3:00 pm

Post flyers for tomorrow’s John Kerry rally wherever/whenever you can!

October 19, 2004

We have thousands of posters at the headquarters (225 Ross St., between 2nd and 3rd, downtown) for the John Kerry/Bon Jovi/Rusted Root/Franco Harris rally at CMU tomorrow. We need to put them up on every square inch of this city. Everybody, if you have any free time between now and the rally tomorrow afternoon, please stop by and pick up as many signs as you think you can distribute. Distribute them on your way home, when you stop for gas, go to the supermarket. We need to blitz Pittsburgh, and we need your help to do it!

Jonathan Matz
(323) 422-4948


October 17, 2004

WHO: All Kerry supporters invited
WHAT: Rally with Andre Heinz, Katie McGinty, and Andrew McElwaine
WHEN: Monday, Oct 18, 10:00 am
WHERE: Allegheny Landing on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, next to the
Roberto Clemente Bridge.
Just show up and bring a sign pro environment/kerry

National picket of Sinclair stations is scheduled for Monday at 6:00 PM.
We would be picketing at WPGH Fox 53. Address below.
Meet at 5:45.
Email or call me at 412-680-1626.

FOX53 – WPGH, 750 Ivory Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15214
412-931-5300 , News Line: 412-939-NEWS (6397)
Ivory Avenue is in the Troy Hill (closer to North Hills) area.

Canvass/Door Knock on the Northside
5:30-7:30 PM
Meet at the corner of Federal & North Avenue
please RSVP to Janis at
or contact Jonathan Lyons at

Please Join Us For A History Making Rally in Pittsburgh

Wednesday, October 20
Doors Open @ 3:00 p.m.

Location: The Mall at Carnegie Mellon University
(Next to Hamerschlag Hall off of Few Street)
in Oakland

Please pick up your tickets at:

225 Ross St.
Pittsburgh, PA (Downtown)
call 412-434-0524.

Women to Women Phone Banks
Every Wednesday evening
The women will make the difference in this election!
To get involved in this special effort: women talking to other
women about the importance of this election and voting! Please
contact Katy Gresh at

Condalezzi Rice Protest
11:30 AM in front of the
Hilton Hotel downtown.
This event no longer needs an RSVP, please just
show up at 11:30 AM. We will have signs or feel free
to bring your own. Wear your Kerry buttons!

Halloween Bash Bush party!

When: October 23, 2004 at 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM*
Where: Barbara Luderowski and Michael Olijnyk’s Home
Atop the Mattress Factory Museum, 6th floor
500 Sampsonia Way, Northside

Dress: Costume encouraged! Come dressed as the nightmare George Bush
has created for our country OR as the hope and prosperity John Kerry and
John Edwards will bring to all of us! Be creative!

Bring: A dish to share or a bottle of wine. Beer, punch
and some great munchies will be provided. A donation to
PA VICTORY 04 is greatly encouraged.

RSVP: Required. Contact Janis Williams at 412-680-1626
Or at

*After party will be held at the Monterrey Pub on Monterrey

Mayor in 2005

October 12, 2004

Pittsburgh Jack, Fester, and PITTSBLOG ruminate over the approaching Mayoral primary. That is probably where Democracy for Pittsburgh will be setting its sights next, and will be the true test of whether this “political revival” in general is going to last. (Of course, there is always Santorum ’06 to look forward to.)

Sinclair Advertisers

October 11, 2004

Via Daily Kos we learn of a website that has been set up to collect Sinclair advertisers. You can enter your data there.

Several ideas have been suggested: contacting local stations, contacting Sinclair HQ, contacting advertisers, and filing complaints against Sinclair with the FCC regarding its license renewals (due July 1, 2007 for Pennsylvania, a little too far into the future). I don’t think any of these are mutually exclusive. I think contacting advertisers, however, demonstrates a level of organization and would generate pressure that simply calling Sinclair or its stations would not.

Fluff Coverage

October 11, 2004

The Post-Gazette attempts to summarize the Senate race.

The number of paragraphs that mention…

  • Specter: 34
  • Hoeffel: 29
  • Clymer: 7
  • Summers: 2
  • Toomey: 2

There is a lot of attention paid to Specter’s liberal-moderate past, very little on his Senate record, and absolutely nothing about the past six years.

Based on the article, you’d think that Jim Clymer didn’t want to be in the debate and was only there because Joe Hoeffel pressured him into it. What was the Specter campaign’s opinion? Why not write that they fought it? Or did they encourage it too? If so, why not mention it?

Most importantly, the article focuses on biographical differences and completely ignores any policy differences. It actually serves to confuse the issues, because it emphasizes Specter’s humble beginnings and Hoeffel’s prep school education, giving the wrong impression about what kind of policies the candidates actually support.

If you’ve got a moment, write to the P-G and let them know we are running out of time to see some more substantive campaign coverage.


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